Example: ‘Digital Labor’ Technologies Market


The Market Topic Mosaic is a visual representation designed to illustrate the various market segments and the interconnectivity between different topics. This widget provides a user-friendly interface for exploring common topics that are talked about within a market.


  • Enhanced Market Understanding: Offers a clear visual representation of complex market segments, aiding in comprehending and identifying key trends and areas.

  • Interactive and Engaging: Allows users to interactively explore topics, fostering a deeper understanding and engagement compared to static data formats.

  • Efficient Decision-Making: Facilitates quick assimilation of information, enabling rapid identification of interests or concerns for faster, more informed decision-making.

  • Trend and Pattern Recognition: Simplifies the recognition of visual trends and patterns, aiding in spotting emerging market changes.

  • Customisable and Dynamic: Provides a customisable, real-time view of market data, catering to diverse user needs and ensuring up-to-date market insights.

Using In Your Own Web-pages / Web-apps

The Forestreet Topic Mosaic is simple to use and embed in any webpage or webapp.

Simply copy and paste the HTML snippet below, providing a marketId at the end of the src URL. You can provide any marketId found within the Forestreet database. Markets can be searched using the Search Market endpoint.